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Re-Use Isn't Just for Software

Re-Use.  In the early days of object oriented software development, this concept was a fundamental benefit embraced by all.  Re-use software objects by adopting a consistent fundamental framework, focus development on the new areas and leverage existing, robust, proven objects.   So I was taught as a software engineer from some of the best, and so it is with GenTent. 
Soon we will announce and begin shipping the new GenTent® XKi, which re-envisions the way to attach the GenTent frame and GenTent Stormbracer® canopy to generators that don't have an exposed frame.  Business sense? Intelligent reuse means an estimated 30% Market Expansion with minimal development costs, very focused and efficient design engineering, manufacturing supply chain leverage and limited disruption. 
With the new GenTent XKi, the popular GenTent safety canopy application expands from emergency backup full sized generators, to any sized inverter generator or fully enclosed portable generator.  Inverter-class, quiet, fully- encased, ultra-portable generators solve the need for power - where there is no access to the electrical grid - for Sportsmen, RVers, Campers, Tailgaters, Food Truck services, construction sites and others.  The GenTent XKi mounting system now enables GenTent Safety Canopies to offer its unique simple to setup safety option for inverters and other fully enclosed generators.
And it is consistent with, thereby covered by, the claims we made in our first, fundamental US patent #8,997,769 titled Canopy For Portable Electrical Device.  How's that for intelligent re-use?
All GenTent® products are 100% Made in the USA— with family-owned, significant and successful business partners — and engineered to be much more affordable and convenient than stationary, steel generator enclosures, retrofit plastic sheds or DIY dog-houses.  The GenTent 10k is available for over 1,000 generator makes/models and with the GenTent 20k, we can perfectly fit on over 98% of portable generators on the market today.
 GenTents keep portable and inverter generators:
  •   Safe while running in wet weather by protecting the Electrical Panels, from any angle, including Blizzard and Hurricane force precipitation.
  •   Portable and easily movable — with easy access for refueling and maintenance.
  •   Naturally cool - unlike generator dog houses or other full canvas enclosures, cooling air is not blocked.
  • Able to naturally expel exhaust gasses so no buildup of poisoning gasses occurs.
WeatherProof Your Power -- Anywhere, Anytime, in Nearly Any Weather.
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