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GenTent Independent Lab Testing Online Report

GenTent Independent Lab Testing Online Report

We have plenty of customers reporting flawless performance of the GenTent during major storms to hit the United States beginning with SuperStorm Sandy. These reports confirmed our own testing performed during both Hurricane Irene and our simulated extreme condition development testing. Since the beginning, the GenTent product line has been put under thousands of test hours. Following a traditional continual improvement model, our testing and customer feedback have resulted in improvements to the clamp (materials, relief slots, hardware and instructions), improvements to the canopy to enable mass production (RF sealing, Stormbracer Edition), and introduction of key accessories (clear vinyl electrical skirts, GenSkirt, Safety Light, Storage Bag).

Our own test plan puts twelve GenTent main product features under test across nearly fifty individual tests, however, we have always felt it important to find an experienced, reputable third part independent test that could provide independent claims verification testing. In fact, we offered to develop tests for this category product with Underwriters Laboratory (UL), but since they focus on products that are electrical in nature, UL does not test product such as GenTent. We also have extended an open invitation to the Consumer Products Safety Commission should they ever wish to test the product. This said, we are pleased to have found 360° Product Testing, a company that focuses on product claims testing. This online report provides the results they published in February and March 2015 across two testing periods.

Testing of the GenTent 10K StormBracer Edition was performed with a Westinghouse WH7500E 7500 watt portable generator. The GenTent 10K fits most generators with frame widths between 16” and 22-½”, and frame length between 23” and 32”; the frame of the WH7500E is approximately 20” x 27 ½”. Test occured between January and March of 2015, and covered these important product claims:
  1. Outlet Moisture Protection
  2. Snow Load
  3. Wind Survivability
  4. Generator Cooling Interference
  5. Impeding Generator Air Intake
  6. Materials Auto-Ignition Resistance
As tested by 360° Product Testing, the GenTent operates in winds of 70 MPH, supports 55.5 lbs of load, remains watertight in the equivalent of 24 inches of rain per hour, does not change the cooling profile or modify air intake of the [tested] portable generator in any way, and product materials will not auto-ignite even when exposed to high temperature surfaces typical of a hot muffler.
  • The GenTent canopy did not ignite and melted at a temperature higher than any generator part or surface was observed to reach.
  • No discernable temperature difference of the generator, attributable to the GenTent, was found during operation.
  • The GenTent did not impede the generator air intake in any significant way.
  • When subjected to conditions equivalent to a substantial rainstorm and erratic winds, the GenTent provides moisture protection of the control panel and outlets.
  • The GenTent is capable of supporting a snow load greater than is likely to build up on the canopy.
  • The GenTent remained attached and undamaged at sustained wind speeds of ≥70 mph from all four sides.
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