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An Interview with Mark - Why GenTent?


An Interview with Inventor/CEO Mark A. Carpenter, GenTent Safety Canopies.

HHR: Why GenTent?

MAC: The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports Weatherization as a top generator safety concern…”there is an inherent conflict in the actions consumers should take in order to avoid both an electrocution hazard and the CO poisoning hazard when the generator is to be used in damp conditions”…”be weatherproof, a generator would need, as a minimum, a rain tight or rainproof enclosure, in-use weatherproof receptacle covers, and ground fault protection for all receptacles.”  GenTent is 100% made in the USA, and is the first product to provide a rainproof enclosure and weatherproof receptacle cover.

HHR:  How does this relate to CO poisoning?

MAC: CPSC research suggests that the driver for using portable generators in places that cause CO poisoning is directly related to people attempting to keep their portable generators out of wet weather.

HHR:  What are the alternatives?

MAC: GenTent is the only product engineered to work with the majority of portable generators on the market today and solves the aforementioned problems at an affordable price point.  Metal enclosures are four to five times more expensive, cannot be installed by the typical homeowner and turn a portable generator into a stationary generator.  Do-it-yourself options use flammable materials such as wood and can cause overheating and engine damage.  Pop-up canopies cannot withstand winds in excess of 20 mph, not be properly anchored on a driveway. Also, they don’t protect from rain that comes in sideways.

HHR:  You say it’s been engineered, how so?

MAC: GenTent is comprised of three simple to install inter-working systems: 
  • .       Adjustable clamps fit round or square tubular generator frames up to 1.5 inches in    diameter (our new GenTent 3Ki option mounts the GenTent on inverter class generators without exposed frame members). 
  • .       The Frame system uses specially formulated high-tension fiberglass rods. 
  • .       The Stormbracer® Canopy system creates a weatherproof shield. 

These systems work together to withstand winds up to 70mph, snow loads up to 18 inches, precipitation and winds coming from any direction in virtually any amounts.  Also, a portable generator’s natural air flow for cooling and fresh air intake is unchanged.  The GenTent design keeps the generator portable and allows refueling and maintenance of the generator with the GenTent attached.

HHR:  How has it been tested?

MAC: We did our own extensive tests and have flawless performance reports from victims of SuperStorm Sandy, as well other major snowstorms and hurricanes that have made landfall since.  Further, as tested by 360°Product Testing, the GenTent operates in forecast winds of 70mph, supports 55.5lbs of load, remains water tight in the equivalent of 24 inches of rain per hour , and does not change the cooling profile or modify air intake in any way.  The GenTent stayed attached to the equivalent hurricane force winds of over 110mph.
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